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Choosing Conifers

"This Juniper is Taylor Made For Nebraska" article from UNL
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SPRUCE, Bakeri (Picea pungens)
Height:30'-35' Width: 12'-15'
Zone: 2
A shorter, compact and very symmetrical form with brilliant blue needles consistent throughout the length of each branch. When "Bakeri" is mature, the plant produces light brown cones and excellent winter cover favored by songbirds. Dense, narrow pyramidal form.


SPRUCE, Black Hills (picea glauca var. densata)
Height:30'-35' Width: 25'-30'
Zone: 3
This dense, conical and slow growing conifer is a shapely and attractive specimen. The usually dense growth of this conifer makes it both an excellent wind break and a haven for wildlife, birds in particular. Cones most often appear on the top branches of the tree and are 2"-3" long.


SPRUCE, Colorado (picea pungens)
Height:60'-80' Width: 25'-30'
Zone: 2
Best known of the Spruce family. Noted for it's hardiness and attractive bluish or green or blue/green color. Easily shaped with little shearing. Likes fully exposed, well drained locations.


SPRUCE, Fat Albert (picea pungens)
Height: 25'-30' Width: 12'-15'
Zone: 2
An outstanding powder blue, needled tree with a strong, upright habit. "Fat Albert" will create a beautiful, thick and shapely pyramidal habit. Cones will appear when it becomes mature.

SPRUCE, Hoopsi (picea pungens)
Height: 30'-40' Width: 12'-15'
Zone: 2
Outstanding evergreen tree, generally considered the best of the blue forms. Foliage is dark blue on inner branches with new growth that is especially bright blue. Pyramidal form that holds stiff horizontal branches with dense-silvery-hue mature needles. A striking addition as a specimen.


PINE, Austrian (Pinus Nigra)
Height: 50'-60' Width: 25'-30'
Zone: 2
Darkest green of all the pines. Heavy, long needles with a strong "Northwood's" fragrance. Vigorous, dense grower. Tolerates heat, cold and adverse conditions.


PINE, Bosnian Red Cone (pinus Leucodermis)
Height: 35'-40' Width: 10'-12'
Zone: 3
A slow growing, dense pine with short and stiff needles. Will eventually produce 2" to 3" blue to brown cones. Not a native pine but shows promise.


PINE, Columnar White (pinus strobus)
Height: 35'-50' Width: 8'-10'
Zone: 3
Same foliage as the White Pine but has a columnar habit. Valued for it's delicate, soft green foliage that is sometimes clipped for a more formal appearance. Excellent accent piece, large hedge or screening for smaller area.


PINE, Eastern White (pinus strobus)
Height: 50'-80' Width: 15'-20'
Zone: 3
Large, fast growing pyramidal evergreen tree with sturdy horizontal branches clothed in handsome, blue-green needles. Excellent for tall screening in large areas. 


PINE, Limber (pinus flexilis)
Height: 30'-35' Width: 15'-20'
Zone: 3
A slow, irregularly growing native pine that has extremely cold and drought tolerant characteristics. Limber Pine is a fine choice for small spaces because of its slow growth rate of 4-6inches per year and the beauty of its often irregular, multi-stemmed form.


Southwest White Pine PINE, Southwest White (Pinus strobiformis)
Height: 40' Width: 20'
Zone: 4
Similar to the Limber Pine, however, it is a larger species and the cones are longer and more cylindrical. Soft blue-green colored needle and attractive grayish bark.


Vanderwolf Pyramid Pine PINE, Vanderwolf Pyramid Pine (Pinus flexilis)
Height: 25'-30' Width: 10'-15'
Zone: 2
Distinctive, pyramid shaped pine with long, twisted, silvery, blue-green needles displayed on dense branches. A superior selection for lawn specimen, accent tree or windbreak. Resistant to insects and disease.


Canaan Fir FIR, Canaan (abies balsamea var phanerolepis)
Height: 40'-60' Width: 12'-15'
Zone: 3
Fast growing with glossy dark green needles. Prefers full sun to partial shade. Prefers cool, moist, well drained soil. Fragrant foilage.


Concolor Fir FIR, Concolor (abies concolor)
Height: 50'-80' Width: 12'-15'
Zone: 3
Conical habit with soft upright curving needles. Foliage is bluish gray-green. Prefers full sun to light shade and well drained soil.

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JUNIPER, Taylor (juniperus)
Height: 20' Width: 4'
Zone: 3
A narrow, upright growing Juniper that gives a formal look to your landscape. Plant in full sun and after it is established, it will require infrequent watering.

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