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With two nurseries, over 100 acres of trees and 35 years experience, we would like to help you get a great value for your landscaping dollar.

New varieties


Chinkapin Oak (quercus muehlenbergi)

Large sharp-toothed leaves with fall colors of yellow/orange/brown with a white cast to the underside. Mature height of 45', mature spread of 45'

Regal Prince Oak (quercus x warei 'Long)

Has a distinctive upright oval shape. Beautiful season long, fall foilage is a yellowish brown. Spring foilage is a glossy, bright green. Mature height is 45', mature spread is 18'

Swedish Aspen

Very narrow, fastigate, green foilage, mature height of 40', mature spread of 10'

Prairie Gold Aspen

Shape is narrow oval to pyramidal, light green foilage with a golden yellow fall color, mature height is 30', mature spread is 15'

Quaking Aspen (populus tremuloides)

Wide heart shaped leaves on long stems, bright yellow fall foilage with silvery grey bark, mature height of 40-50', mature spread of 20-30'